Net Worth Tracker

Net worth & INVESTMENT tracker

Privacy focused – Anonymous

All your assets covered. Stocks, ETFs, crypto, FX and more.

Easy to Start

Just enter the quantity of your stocks and crypto: their value is tracked automatically. Update the value of your other assets, like bank accounts, mortgage etc manually.

Powerful features

Organize in portfolios. Real time prices, dividend tracker, allocation view, customizable dashboard, historical charts, pie charts, Face ID & Fingerprint authentication and more.

Privacy first

Your financial information stays on your device. Enjoy the full functionality without creating an account. You are free to export your data at any time, we never lock you in.

Image of customizable dashboard of the TrackMyStack net worth tracker app


User reviews


I don’t like the idea of linking apps to my accounts, so I like the manual entry with an app that just tells me what it’s worth that day. Also being able to track our different accounts separately is a big plus.

Ryan Ivers

Exactly what I was looking for. Easy to use and tracks all my investments perfectly. To top it off amazing customer service. After asking where to find a specific asset type I had a short conversation with the support, within an hour the asset was added to the app.

Ramon Minor

Stable, simple and FREE. No hidden fees, only donations. Perfect to keep track of your net income and monitor graphically spending/income

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