Net Worth Tracker

Privacy policy

The TrackMyStack App does not require an account to use. We do not collect personally identifiable information about you.

The TrackMyStack App allows you to save your portfolio contents within the app for later restore and to export your portfolio to a file for backup purposes. We do not have access to the internal backups nor any of the exported files. We do not have access to the app logs, unless the user specifically asks us to diagnose a problem they are having, in which case the logs are sent to us via the app. The app uploads the user’s assets and settings to our server in encrypted format. This is done to allow the user to synchronize their asset from their other devices and to allow the user to restore their data using their sync key if their device gets lost or damaged.

Our app allows users to synchronize their portfolios and assets between devices (eg phone and tablet). For that functionality the app will transmit the end-to-end encrypted content of your assets to our server. Your sync key is required for that data to decrypted locally from your other app instances. Your data on our server is also used to restore your account using your sync key in case your device is damaged.

The TrackMyStack App does make requests to our server to find assets like stocks and cryptocurrencies and to get latest prices for them, to transmit basic usage data about the app, like screens opened or actions taken, to transmit system info like phone language, phone type and OS version, app version and information about crashes or errors. We keep track of those requests to manage the load and responsiveness of our servers, to ensure that the data requested is available, to be alerted of potential issues affecting usage of the app, to prioritize features and help with support.