Net Worth Tracker

Category: App features

  • Automatic backups and syncing

    TrackMyStack is able to sync your portfolio and assets between different devices (eg. your phone and tablet). A lot of other apps or services compromise on your privacy in their implementation of syncing. We are committed to keep our promise that your net worth and portfolio details belong only to you and it will never […]

  • TrackMyStack vs Mint vs YNAB

    YNAB vs Mint vs TrackMyStack: What’s the Best Net Worth Tracking App?

    When it comes to using a tool for tracking your net worth, 3 apps stand out: YNAB, Mint, and TrackMyStack. YNAB and Mint allow you to do other things too like connecting your financial accounts and tracking your income/expenses. When it comes to tracking your net worth, however, the clear winner is TrackMyStack as it […]